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Bot Mitigation & Non-Human Fraud Detection (up to 80k requests per year)


SERVICE SUMMARY. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) traffic management platform that increases ROI protects customer information and helps meet PCI compliance by mitigating malicious bots and human fraud before they can infiltrate your ecosystem.

WHAT WE PROVIDE. We provide you with a dedicated subscription service that only allows the bot visitors you want onto your website to deal with the others. Once you have locked down your website to prevent these unauthorized bot visitors, they won’t be able to report any vulnerabilities back to the cybercriminals. While our service can’t protect you from every attack, it is a cost-effective and vital first layer of protection.


EASY INTEGRATION. Pristine Traffic works seamlessly with Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and Firewalls, such as Amazon AWS CloudFront and Cloudflare without an install. Integration is at the edge of the network with your existing WAF, DDoS, and other security layers.

EDGE OF NETWORK BLOCKING. All visitor traffic is run through our machine learning, multi-factor authentication engine. This process ensures that unauthorized bots are blocked, and potentially malicious bots are identified at the network edge before reaching a website. What remains is a site’s “Pristine Traffic.”

24/7 PROTECTION. Automated protection for customer websites and APIs from potential malicious bot threats 24/7.

INCREASE ROI. Pristine Traffic automatically identifies visitors with a higher Propensity to Purchase (P2P). This fingerprinting helps increase conversions through the sales pipeline, increasing customer ROI.

REDUCTION OF RESOURCES. Saves on CPU and hosting/bandwidth requirements due to blocking unwanted Bot traffic.

ESTABLISHES INTERNET POLICY. Allows companies to ensure they have comprehensive policies across all internet visitors – both human and bot.

CLEANS UP LEGACY SYSTEMS. Supports real-time automated bot detection with full Access and Identity Management for Bots to clean up legacy access control lists.

NON-NETWORK LOAD. Out-of-Line platform (edge of the network) that causes no network slowdowns doesn’t add another layer of risk or requires significant infrastructure changes, e.g., DNS.

Note: Deployment requires a free Cloudflare account to deploy. Please allow up to 48 hours for service to become active on requested domains.

*Each additional request is billed at $0.000450