Connecting To Cloudflare
using API Key

NOTE: We recommend upgrading to the unlimited Service Worker plan in order to support both and your existing implementations. Our service worker will be forwarding web access logs for analysis, so its usage will be in-line with your web traffic volume.

Step 1: Getting the API key from your Cloudflare account.

Login to your account and navigate to ‘My Profile’.

Along the tabs at the top, click on ‘API Tokens’. You’ll see the following screen:

In the API Keys section find ‘Global API Key’ and click on ‘View’ then, copy the key as you’ll need to send this to

Why do we need this? uses this API key to get a list of available domains, to configure the service worker which will send your weblogs for analysis and to enable us to synchronize the IP access control list and firewall rules which are managed by